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Clique Coffee is a boutique Tasmanian based coffee roaster and wholesaler focused on delivering the best possible coffee experience through the quality of our product, the level of our service and our knowledge of all things coffee including barista and latte art training.

Clique Coffee sources only premium quality, rain forest alliance and free trade coffee beans from our suppliers.

Our emphasis is on bringing out the natural sweetness and flavours of the beans when roasting in our Probat coffee roaster.


Situated in Hobart Tasmania Clique Coffee Roasters has been established since 2008 with customers in Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland.

A boutique roaster we pride ourselves on delivering consistent coffee’s with an emphasis on the natural fruit flavours and sugars that only refined blends can deliver.

Our roasting is overseen by our Master Roaster Sam Rose who has over 10 years experience in roasting and creating complex blends that leave a lovely creamy chocolate mouthfeel that all good coffee should.

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